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When less is more

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I'm an obsessive label reader, I admit it. I obsessively read them to keep the food my family eats as healthy as possible. I read them to watch for foods that my son is highly sensitive to. Thankfully no foods are life threatening to him, but certain foods can throw him off, causing behavior issues or wreak havoc with his plumbing. (If you know what I mean)
When it comes to reading labels for possible hidden allergens, I find the less ingredients the better. Less small print for my aging eyes to to read and less chances for a potential allergen to be hiding.

A product we love at our house is Applegate Farms Organic Apple Chicken Sausages. The best thing about them is the ingredients, or maybe I should say LACK OF ingredients. 7 ingredients and I can pronounce them all: Organic chicken, organic dried apples, Sodium lactate (from beets) Sea salt, organic apple juice concentrate, organic spices, organic garlic. That's it! They are clearly labeled: "Gluten and Casein free"  The good news doesn't stop there, "No antibiotics used, Chicken humanly raised on vegetarian grain-fed diet on a sustainable family farm in a stress free environment that promotes natural behavior and socialization." No fillers or nitrates AND they taste great! They are fully cooked and just need to be warmed. My kids love them especially my youngest son, who is a picky eater and has sensitivities to wheat, dairy, soy, among other things.

They come in other great flavors that have a similar short list of ingredients.  Check out Applegate.com, sign up for their newsletter and get a .75 off coupon. You can also order them through their website and receive a discount if you order a case (12 packages).  Enjoy!


By Suzie Bachinsky, for more about this columnist, click HERE