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Do you have a BooginHead?

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If you have a child under the age of 4, you probably have a "BooginHead." According to BooginHead Founder and CEO, Sari Crevin, a BooginHead is a term used to describe when your baby or toddler does something they shouldn't and all you can do is laugh. An example of this? When your toddler drops their sippy cup, bottle, or pacifier onto the floor just to laugh and watch you pick it up (and then repeats this game until he or she is distracted by something else.) Your baby is being such a "BooginHead."  If you personally have a BooginHead, or know someone who does, a giveaway is announced at the bottom of this article.

Sari's 9, now 9 year old, son has gluten and dairy sensitivity. His symptoms ranged from stomach pain, to acid reflux, to paresis. After medical tests and medications, Sari knew that for long term health, they needed to change their diet. Prior to her sons diagnosis, she wasn't a cook. Knowing that she needed to learn, she decided to involve her son. Sari looked at this as an adventure she could share with her son. She also took these times in the kitchen to educate her son on safe foods and how to read labels.

Sari has turned her parenting experience into a national product line. BooginHead was created when Sari's son was 1 year old. She created a solution to his pacifiers constantly dropping to the ground. Sari also created solutions to sippy cups flying from the high chair to the carpet, or the stroller to the pavement. She sells customizable pacifiers, splat mats, and paci pouches. Her unique products have solved problems many new parents face. Her latest invention? Re-usable pouches for pureed food. Appropriately named "Squeez'Ems", these pouches are the perfect solution for parents who make their own baby food, or who have older children that love pureed fruits and vegetables. Pre-made baby food packets can cost over $2 each. (I know this because I cringe every time we buy them for my 1 year old.) Squeez'Ems cost $7.99 for 2 reusable packs. So basically, these little wonders will save you some serious cash in addition to the convenience of being able to bring along your home-made pureed foods. (Jars + Spoons = Messy)


If you can't tell, I seriously love these products, which is why I'm so happy to announce a giveaway. Sari has graciously sent us BooginHead gear to giveaway to 1 lucky reader. What will this lucky person get?

  • 2 Paci Grips 
  • 2 Sippi Grips
  • 1 certificate to create your own customized pacifier
  • 2 Squeez'Ems

How do you enter? Use Rafflecopter below to Tweet about the giveaway, "Like" us on Facebook, or leave a comment below this article! 

I was not paid for this article. Opinions are strictly my own. 


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