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The healing powers of super foods

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The healing powers of super foods

Michelle Laver, mother of 4 children, experienced complications during her pregnancy resulting in an early delivery of her youngest. Both Michelle and their newborn daughter, Kate, almost died on a day that should have been filled with joy. Both thankfully survived, but Kate experienced damage to her brain resulting in cerebral palsy. 

Kate was a very tiny baby. She relied on formulas and needed a tube for feeding. When she was finally able to take a bottle, the sugars in the formulas caused her to develop bottle mouth. The meal replacement shakes in the hospital were large name brands that contained a ton of sugar and additives. As parents, Michelle and her husband Richard struggled to watch their youngest fail to thrive.

They decided the pre-processed shakes had to stop. They needed a replacement that would provide their daughter with the nutrition she needed to thrive. Desperate to improve Kate's life, Richand and Michelle did extensive research. They bought a ton of fruits, vegetables, super foods, and protein powders. How could they help their daughter? Would these efforts make a difference? After experimenting and trying several different combinations, they finally found a "recipe" that Kate could tolerate and would stay down. 

With in a few months, Kate's health improved. She gained weight and her hair and skin look finally took on a healthy glow. They haven't been back to the hospital since. Kate's sleep apnea, that scared Richard and Michelle nightly, is practically gone. Her labs have also improved dramatically. While she gained weight on the processed formula, her health was on a downward spiral. Richard compares the processed formula to eating fast food everyday. "You may gain weight, but it's not good for you." 

What started as an organic way to help their daughter has turned into a thriving business for Richard and Michelle. After experiencing how hard it was to find a quality product that was free of dairy, soy, and gluten, they decided to create their shakes on a larger scale. Appropriately named "Kate Farms, their shakes are loved by athletes, college students, adults and children throughout the country. They believe quality protein, super foods, fruits, and vegetables should be the cornerstone of your diet. When talking about nutrition, Richard stated, "I believe you should eat as many products as close as you can from the source. If you are going to have a shake, you need the highest quality of calories. We wanted to create a shake the would fill you up for 4-5 hours. Good nutrition isn't just for those who are sick and need to heal. It's for everyone. The best way to prevent disease and health complications is through your diet." 

Richard, an athlete and former tennis player, is a huge proponent of exercise. He and Michelle are a couple who hikes together daily, love getting outside, and live a physical lifestyle. Getting out, being active, and enjoying foods found in nature are all a large part of their lives. They urge couples to help each other and encourage one another through their health journeys.




Richard and Michelle have offered a special discount for readers. You can enjoy 30% discount on all purchases made on (The code for this discount is CanIEatHere and expires on August 1, 2013.) Their shakes are available for purchase online and at several retail locations throughout the U.S..