Phoenix Woman Brings Celiac to Life - In the News - Can I Eat Here
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Phoenix Woman Brings Celiac to Life

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When Erica Dermer was diagnosed with celiac disease, her whole life changed. Her path to diagnosis was a struggle as she suffered through health complications and unexplainable symptoms. Since her diagnosis, Erica has launched a well known blog called Celiac and the Beast. She wears her heart on her sleeve and uses humor as a way to make the sometimes gross symptoms of celiac disease less intimidating. Erica is an open book when it comes to celiac and has become a nationally recognized advocate. In addition to writing her blog, she has developed a celiac clothing line with the motto "Gluten free for life". She also is a freelance marketer.

In addition to her blog, clothing line, and marketing expertise, Erica is writing a book. She uses experience, facts, and humor to highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly of living with celiac disease. She has launched a Kickstarter campaign to self-publish this book. She has put her heart and soul into helping those who have celiac disease or love someone who has it. With a few 'fart jokes', Erica really brings to life the issues many of us face. For more details on the book, a sneak peak at the chapters, to help her fund this book, and to find out more about Erica and her mission, visit her Kickstarter campaign by clicking HERE.  You can also visit her blog by clicking HERE