The Sneaky Chef creates No Nut Butter - In the News - Can I Eat Here
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The Sneaky Chef creates No Nut Butter

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The Sneaky Chef creates No Nut Butter


Missy Lapine, author of New York Times bestselling books, foods, housewares, and other products has created a No Nut Butter. After Missy's daughter was diagnosed with a laundry list of allergies, the most severe of which was to nuts, she decided to help her daughter by creating a product that was both safe and healthy. 

Missy's daughter, now 12 years old, is a picky eater and inspired the Sneaky Chef cookbook series. The cookbooks are full of ways to "sneak" nutrition into your family's diet by fortifying recipes with fruits and vegetables. Missy's daughter also inspired her to create a No Nut Butter. After witnessing how her daughter began to feel isolated due to her nut allergy, she wanted to help. The No Nut Butter was a result of looking for a substitute to peanut butter that would hold up in baking and wasn't made of only sunflower seeds and sodium. Missy worked to create a product that could contain even more nutritional benefits. No Nut Butter is made from golden peas. It is free of the top 8 allergens and does not contain artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils. It is made in a nut free facility and is held to the high standards that Missy has set. 

Today is Mom Monday on and Missy has offered a few tips, that have worked for her, to parents of allergic children.


  1. At school: Meet with teachers and administrators laying out opportunities where there may be allergens such as bake sales, parties, etc and put it in writing. Make sure they understand what to do in the event of an allergic reaction.
  2. My daughter knows how to work her epi pen and is teaching other students how it works and how to use it. This helps her to be involved in and understand her own well being. 
  3. Try to make them feel normal. Send cupcakes to birthday parties and make enough for everyone. Halloween is a nightmare. Missy's suggests not letting them eat anything until it's inspected. Holiday themed candies can change ingredients so always read the labels, even if it was safe the year before.
  4. Find the line between being petrified of living and being knowledgeable and aware. Children are smart. 
  5. Remember that allergies cannot be explained and learned in a 5 minute conversation. Other parents may try to understand, some take it lightly, but our job is to protect our children. When going to a friend's house, she sends her daughter with a snack or requests the other parents do not give her a snack. We never go near other people's baked goods. 
  6. The healthiest and safest foods are non-processed fruits and vegetables. 
For more information on Missy or to order No Nut Butter, visit