14 ways to encourage your kids to eat healthy food - Juli La Porte Blog - Can I Eat Here
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14 ways to encourage your kids to eat healthy food

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I know of two mothers who tell me their kids eat broccoli for breakfast. My kids are not one of them, then again, I’ve also never offered broccoli for breakfast, so you never know. 

I’m either lucky, or I’ve done a good job at keeping junk food out of my kids’ diets. Today, my 2-year old STOLE broccoli from my plate when there were also French fries in front of her. Had she of tried to steal my fries or my guacamole she would have had another thing coming though!

My son, 5, has been exposed to more junk foods than my daughter has – since I started really cleaning up our diets when he was about two. He’s generally not ecstatic to see broccoli, or anything of the green variety on his plate so I have to get creative.

With a full-time consulting job, a side job, two kids and two dogs, I've got a lot going on, so all the food I cook is super simple and kid-friendly as I typically make one large meal for everyone. But sometimes kids are fickle, they like almost anything in a wrap, so if I need to, I’ll put whatever I made for dinner into a wrap, (I’ve even done this with gluten-free noodles).

Here’s 14 ways I incorporate the good stuff into the kids’ plates (I’ll save the handy bribes for another post):

  1. Add leafy greens to smoothies with frozen banana and berries
  2. Freeze smoothies into popsicles
  3. Leafy greens are easily hidden if chopped finely or pureed and stirred into marinara sauce
  4. Make pesto with basil and kale, going easy on the garlic and smother it on a grilled dairy-free ‘cheese’ sandwich, stir into gluten-free pasta or mix it into a wrap
  5. Mix raw zucchini noodles (use a potato peeler to make 'linguine') into cooked gluten-free noodles
  6. Line a wrap with a romaine leaf then fill up with goodies, they’ll never notice, and this keep’s the wrap from getting soggy
  7. Hide hummus in everything
  8. Sprinkle ground flax seeds, chia seeds or hemp seeds into soups, cereals, oatmeal, wraps, sandwiches, puddings, and on pasta
  9. Get them to help with cooking, kids love eating their works of art!
  10. Praise and reward them for helping, then praise again
  11. How you present food is so important – arrange just about anything into a happy face and my kids will eat it
  12. Play guess that veggie in the produce aisle
  13. Leave fresh fruit and other healthy snacks around the house within reach
  14. Bribe kids with dessert if you must, but make dessert fresh berries, or avocado pudding

 What kind of 'witchcraft' do you use to get your kids to eat healthy food?


By Jacqueline Fisch. For more information on this author, click HERE