Easy Gluten Free Strawberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes
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Easy Gluten Free Strawberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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Dairy Free


Egg Free


Gluten Free


Nut Free


These pancakes can be ready as fast as their traditional counterparts. I substituted strawberry jelly for syrup and, voila! Use your favorite gluten free, allergy free boxed pancake mix and you will have created a masterpiece. These toppings would be great on waffles too! I've included options to make this recipe dairy and egg free also.

  • Ingredients

    Pancake Ingredients

    Favorite box pancake mix. (My favorite is Gluten Free Pantry Muffin & Scone Mix aka Glutino Muffn Mix) The pancake recipe is no longer on the box, so here are the ingredients: 

    2 eggs (actually calls for 1 egg, however the extra egg makes the pancakes denser - egg whites can also be used) *** Eggs can be omitted from this recipe or substituted with an egg replacement to make this recipe egg free as well.

    2 Tbs oil

    1 1/3 cup of orange juice

    1 jar of Smuckers Simply Fruit Strawberry Jelly or favorite brand

    Handful of chocolate chips (omit to make dairy free)

    Fresh sliced strawberries (1 pint)


    Homemade Hash Browns

    3-5 medium sized potatoes peeled & shredded

    1/2 onion shredded or chopped very small

    1/2 tsp garlic powder

    1/2 tsp salt

    1/2 tsp pepper

    1-2 Tbs grapeseed oil

    Heat grapeseed oil and add shredded potatoes and onions. Sprinkle seasonings and cook until thoroughly browned on each side.

    Add Applegate Farms Chicken Apple Sausage Links to the menu & cook according to package

  • Methods / Steps
    Make pancakes according to your choice of boxed mix - if using the Glutino Muffin Mix (a.k.a. Gluten Free Pantry Muffin and Scone Mix - pancake recipe is no longer on the box), follow these instructions:

    Combine entire package with oil, orange juice (pulp free) and eggs. Throw in a handful of allergy free, gluten free chocolate chips and mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, scoop pancake mixture into large skillet or griddle preheated to medium-medium high. I usually use a tablespoon of oil on a paper towel to lightly grease pan.

    Place contents of jar of jelly in a sauce pan and heat until liquefied. Option to add a few bits of fresh strawberries while heating.

    After cooking pancakes on both sides, remove and top with a pat of butter, the syrup and sliced fresh strawberries (bananas would be awesome too!)