Gluten Free at TK's Urban Tavern - Restaurant Raves & Reviews - Can I Eat Here
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Gluten Free at TK's Urban Tavern

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Lately I have been travelling around  town, using free WiFi and parking myself in what I call "satellite office" space. Gives me a chance to get some work done and review restaurants for the website and your use. While I love the flexibility of working from home, there are a lot of "mommy" distractions that take over my day. Last week I stopped by TK's Urban Tavern to sample the food and get some work done . TK's is located in the prestigious Scottsdale Quarter in North Scottsdale. TK's offers free WiFi and great food in a somewhat utilitarian, but warm space. They have a gluten free friendly menu and the servers seemed pretty knowledgeable about their gluten free menu items and protocols that the kitchen uses when a gluten free or allergy friendly order is requested. Items are prepared in a separate area of the kitchen to assist in avoiding cross contact. They state that their french fries are gluten free, but I'm not sure that they are actually made in a dedicated allergy friendly or gluten free fryer. I chose not to have them that day so be sure to check it out. I'd rather be safe than sorry. They even have items on the kids menu that has gluten free. There were lots of choices. I give this a thumbs up for gluten free dining!


The food at TK's Urban Tavern is American fare and casual. I ordered the Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad with Grilled Flatiron Steak and a Red Wine Vinagrette (yes - salad dressings are gf here). The salad wasn't overly laden with dressing, which I love and the steak was grilled perfectly. Food quality and service get another thumbs up!


All in all, it was a very productive day at the office and I will be back. Remember, ingredients and protocol change from time to time, be sure to double check with the manager or server to assure that you have a safe dining experience. Rate and review your experience at this establishment and tell them that sent you!