Gluten Free Bootleggers in Arizona - Restaurant Raves & Reviews - Can I Eat Here
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Gluten Free Bootleggers in Arizona

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Birthday parties and other celebrations always center around food or eating out. When you are gluten free or have celiac disease, it can be daunting and tiresome to figure out exactly where you want to have that special event. Going to the same old place is boring, right? The next time you are looking for a unique place to meet, host a celebration or just enjoy a casual dinner, you might want to check out Bootleggers in Phoenix, Arizona. Bootleggers has a warm, friendly and rustic atmosphere with mason jar chandeliers and an old fashioned style bar. It tries to fashion itself like a "dive bar," but it's a far cry from the "dive bars" I have ever been to and the food is something special. The bar is separate from the dining area, so you can have a family dinner or sit back and watch a game in the bar while sipping some of the best moonshine around.


Located a little off the beaten path, in a strip mall at 32nd Street and the 101, is an unassuming little hole in the wall with an incredible menu that offers extensive gluten free choices. From appetizers to dessert and everything in between, the selection is vast. Most items are normally gluten free or can be modified. The menu is mainly barbecue but with a global appeal. This isn't your everyday barbecue, its definitely a cut above.


I spoke with the manager, Lauren, who also is gluten intolerant and she assured me that she has personally sat down with the chef and reviewed all the ingredients and could tell me with confidence the items that I couldn't have, which were only a handful. All the barbecue sauces had no gluten containing ingredients and all of their salad dressings were also gluten free. She spoke with authority and even mentioned that the kitchen was trained to clean areas and to be cautious when it comes to cross contact. 


There are a few specialties that you won't want to miss. Be sure to try the Bacon Board (specify cheese toast on the side). It is decadent. Our group also ordered the PB&J Wings, which also come in other flavors including traditional. Be sure to order the wings grilled. Don't forget to try the Nacho Flat. House made corn tortilla chips covered with all the fixings. They substituted the shredded cheese for cheese sauce to make this item gluten free. Don't forget to try the homemade moonshine. The moonshine comes in many flavors, but Apple Pie was my favorite. After drinking my fair share of moonshine, I really can't recall the desserts all that well, but my when the waiter suggested the Apple Pie Moonshine, A La Mode...well, need I say more.


Let us know or leave a review at our site if you decide to try Bootleggers. Be sure to mention that sent you.


Juli La Porte