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Gluten Free Brick Oven Pizza

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During a baseball tournament in Utah last week, the team decided to go out for a pizza party after one of their games. Immediately I begin to wonder, what will I eat? Will they have anything that I feel safe trying? Do I even mention this to anyone planning or keep it quiet, I don't want to be the "difficult one?" All the while my stomach is growling since I haven't eaten all day. Quickly, I check my purse and I have few snacks to get by.

Within 15 minutes I receive a text from our pizza party planner with the time and place to meet. I hold my breath hoping that it will have gluten free something if not pizza. Brick Oven Pizza in South Jordan was the pizza party place and I was feeling that it must be my lucky day.

 When I first walked in and asked for the gluten free menu, the girls looked a little bewildered, but quickly regrouped and indicated that they had gluten free pizza and that my server could fill me in on the details, but not a specific menu. There were waitresses milling from table to table offering an all you can eat pizza deal, which made me a bit nervous. I held out hope and my waitress delivered.

Brick Oven has some of the best gluten free pizza I have ever tried. For us gluten free pizza connoisseurs its always about the crust. Sometimes it can be mealy or mushy, or if it's ultra thin, it tastes burnt. Not at Brick Oven. The crust was as close to the "real thing" as I have tried in 3 years. It was soft, but not under-cooked or too doughy. Some gluten free pizza seems like it is on a flat-bread or cracker. Brick Oven's gluten free pizza was plump and soft. Overall flavor and texture was an A+!

I went through my questions about cross contact and the server was fairly knowledgeable and mentioned that they don't use separate ovens, but place it on a dedicated pan when cooking. She also mentioned that this was not a gluten free establishment and there were no guarantees, which I completely understood. I was starved and I took a chance and lucked out. I don't recommend that on a regular basis, especially if you have Celiac Disease, but this time it "panned" out for me.

Brick Oven Pizza has multiple locations in Utah. If you've eaten at a Brick Oven Pizza, I would love to hear your comments. Please click on the link below and leave a review for others. I've included the Brick Oven Disclaimer below. Please see a manager to verify practices at each location.


"Please note that Brick Oven is not a gluten free establishment. The gluten free 
pizza’s will not be baked in separate ovens from those used to bake our other 
pizza’s. Therefore, cross contamination and other errors may occur. We would 
suggest that individuals with high sensitivity to gluten not take any unnecessary 
risks. For any other questions, please speak with one of our Manager’s."



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